Automotive Ethernet Software

Automotive Ethernet software modules provide the stable and well-verifiable software components for automotive ECUs enabling an easy way to meet the demands on the market. With a mainly focusing on Ethernet-based networking and applications, more services (AVB, SOME/IP, UDS on IP, etc.) are available on the top of it.
DASAN’s Ethernet software stack has been installed into the automotive products for OEM, Tier1 and Tier2 as well as the in-house products (L2 Switch, Ethernet Camera, AVM and Ethernet Test Equipment).

  • Infotainment
    Ethernet Camera AVN, AVM
  • Ethernet Switch
    BroadR-Reach (100Base-T1) PHY Stream reservation with T-Spec
  • Automotive Test Equipment
    Control and Monitoring ECU

Main Features

  • AVB Framework
    Time synchronization for mission critical apps Audio and video transmission Bandwidth reservation and automotive shaper (CBT)
    IEEE802.1AS master/slave Time sync mode, BMCA, Avnu 61883 (PCM audio, MJPEG/H.264 Video) streams encapsulated in IEEE1722 packets Media play in presentation time by Media Clock Recovery
  • IP Framework
    Service oriented Plug-and-Play (SOMEIP) Standard-based Diagnostics Inter-Working Function between IP and CAN Packet forwarding based on rules(firewall, NAT, etc)
    SOME/IP with Service Discovery (Service Registration, Event Subscribe / Publish, Service Invocation) UDS over CAN, P, Proprietary Ethernet Protocol (ISO-14229: Part5) DoIP (ISO-13400-2) protocol stack and test equipment simulator Designated Packet Forwarding Engine(PFE) from NXP
  • Security Framework
    Light-weight certification based on Elliptic Curve CCM8, GCM, CBC block ciphering mode Encryption and decryption (AES128, ARIA)
    Cipher suite (PSK, CCM8-AES128, GCB-AES128/ARIA,
    Ephemeral Certification and Key exchange (ECDSA, ECDHE) on Elliptic Curve (secp256r1)
  • Legacy Framework
    Inter-working function(IWF) between CAN and IP Customizable SoC to implement IWF Light-weight logic without additional loads to CPU
    Performing IWF in designated SoC (LLCE) from NXP Data forwarding between CAN-to-CAN and CAN-to-IP Data collection and filtering supported

Evolving Framework

As a mainstream of automotive software framework, AUTOSAR-Adaptive is providing a set of powerful features in contrast to Class AUTOSAR. It also makes it possible to implement mission-oriented services on Application Processor in real and virtual operating environment which contain POSIX(PSE51) based on API inter-operability, execution of APPs in RAM, no limitation in using MMU-controlled virtual memory, service-oriented communication, multiple and dynamic scheduling and so on.

  • Extending Framework
    Platform Integration based on ARA::Comm Easy migration from in-house architecture to AUTOSAR
    (Framework Bridge – Mesh Controller)
    Co-existence of multiple frameworks Available in 1Q.2021