Bring Ethernet Technology ti in-vehicle

DASAN has been developing in-vehicle ECUs including infotainment systems for global car manufacturer. Basically, DASAN is the major supplier of network equipment in Korea. DASAN is now extending the business area to automotive domain by creating the synergy from the network and automotive technologies.
Ethernet-based camera solution gives a convenient way to install, operate and diagnose through the bi-directional communication. By embedding ®BroadR-Reach PHY technology, it has more strength against the signal impairments such as cross-talk. As a core bridge connecting the Ethernet-based ECU devices, AVB switch provides abundant features for the best deployment that includes stream reservation, bandwidth shaping, priority-based forwarding, auto-configuring IP/MAC address pair and feeding the electronic power to the camera. Enabling to talk between CAN and Ethernet domain is realized by building the gateway function on the top of the switch. Parking assistant system is useful especially for an inexperienced driver. DASAN’s AVM provides the ‘Top-View’ by composing and processing the real-time video streams incoming from front, rear, left and right cameras. Our goal is to provide ‘All-Ethernet’ in-vehicle communications from infrastructure to services.