Ethernet Test Tool

Ethernet Test Tool – “Smart Runner” (Tentative Name)
Requirement from customers
Easy to Use

Front-end UI with easy-use while providing a compatibility to the familiar tools such as ZenTool, Vector CANoE, etc.

Expansion of Function
Component Tiers

Multiple component tires for satisfying the customer’s deployment scenarios.

Self Designing

Easy configuring new test cases by an operator from the scratch.

Continuous Update

Technical support and update along the feature roadmap with backward compatibility.

Various Pricing Policy
Pricing Policy

Separation of pricing for customers to make a choice.

  • GUI Frontend
    Provides Windows-based GUI which is familiar to user and optimizes arrangement of GUI component to use intuitively without learning GUI management.
  • Designing and Verifying Test Cases
    Validates by loading the existing test cases or creates and validates the new test cases by using test case design tool.
  • Deployment from Stand-alone to Cloud based one
    Stand-alone package can be used for small-scale test, and Multiple-tiers package can be used for large-scale test by distributing the GUI Front-End, Test Back-End and DB server in a network.
  • Pricing
    User can purchase the low-price product with the basic Tool-Suite (Stand-alone) or user can adjust the price by selecting the extended Add-Ons to meet the customer’s requirement (Multiple-tiers).
  • Deployment of Scenarios

    Provide management mode that user can compose variously according to test size.
    Basic Type : Providing Stand-alone management mode Expanded Type : Providing Stand-alone management mode and Multiple Tiers management mode

  • “One for All”

    1. Features
    Rich set of basic and advanced features to test and verify the automotive functional requirements for ECUs.
    2. Add-Ons
    Expanding the features by adding a supplementary tools which provide the specialized components for ECUs.
    3. Pricing
    Standard and Premium pricing from basic and advanced tool suite.
    4. Roadmap
    Time-frame for feature availability.
  • Features
    Item Details
    UTM Agent
    Back-End Interlocking Protocol
    • UTM Protocol
    • Possible to support and expand to Customer’s Protocol (Protocol Adaptor)
    ECU Interlocking
    • UDS socket, BSD socket, IPC interlocking support through Shared Memory
    • Possible to interlock and support customer (IPMW-Adaptor)
    Service Primitive
    • Supporting General, ARP, ICMP, UDP, TCP Service Primitive
    • Supporting EthCC, EthNM, EthDiag Service Primitive
    • Possible to expand to customer’s additional Primitive (SP-Adaptor)
    ECU Portability
    • Providing target portability based on Python3
    Cloud-End DB
    Making and Management of DB Table
    • Making table based on JSON and supporting remote management Library
    • Providing security session based on SSH tunnelling
    • Logging & Tracing
    • Output of report based on HTML (Summary, Details, Packet Flow, Packet Log)
  • Add-Ons (Expansion)

  • DASAN GenTool – Test for Single Product
    Analysis of EthCC, EthNM message header Reception of EthCC message and analysis of signal value Output of EthCC signal change graph Insertion of EthCC message (cycle, cycle-event, event message) Reception of IEEE1722 packet, restoration of camera H.264 image and image output
    (4 images can be output at the same time to the maximum)
    Saving image and replay Test validation according to test scenario of camera single product
  • EDT/ERT – Diagnosis/Reprogramming
    ECU diagnosis / validation of reprogramming operation through UDS Simulator Validation of EthDiag, DoIP protocol operation Validation of UDS operation (Session Control, Diagnostics, Reprogramming)
  • IEEE802.1AS – Validation of Avnu Function
    Validation of time synchronization function through IEEE802.1AS Simulator
    - Validation of normal/abnormal operation of IEEE802.1AS based on Avnu specification
    - Validation of normal/abnormal operation of IEEE802.1AS based on HKMC AVB specification
  • Pricing

    Provides management mode that user can compose variously according to test size.

    Basic Type
    Provides Stand-alone Management Mode
  • Extended Type
    Provides Stand-alone Management Mode & Multiple Tiers Management Mode