Around View Monitor

  • DASAN AVM display provides 360-degree surrounding scene of the car in bird-eye view. It can help a driver recognizes the vehicle’s position, and parking spaces and adjacent objects. A driver can check for obstructions around the vehicle through the bird-eye view. A driver can simultaneously check the rear or front side views of the vehicle.
  • DASAN AVM processes digitized video data transmitted from 4 cameras individually, and compose as one screen image using state-of-the-art and high performance graphic processing technology, such as OpenGL ES 2.0.
  • DASAN AVM supports Ethernet based video transmission (IEEE 1722a or UDP), IEEE 1722a can transmit more flexible and higher density video stream data than LVDS or analog based camera.
  • DASAN AVM can control the camera via SOME/IP or Ethernet protocol based message.
  • DASAN AVM can work as a master clock source of IEEE 802.1AS(gPTP) to synchronize time clock with 4 cameras. This technology can provide the consistency of the image among cameras.
  • DASAN AVM reduces the video transmission latency by hard based image decoder.