Community Service

DASAN commits to take a full responsibility for society where we belong to while devoting to create superior quality products and services. Also, we make sure to grow together with business partners with diverse partner policies.

'Love of Blood Donation' Campaign

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Since 2004, DASAN has hosted 'Love of Blood Donation' campaign for those who are in desperate need of blood. Our employees’ blood donor cards are shared with people who desperately need transfusion such as childhood cancer and leukemia patients.

Cultivate Talents and Create Jobs

인재양성 및 일자리 창출

DASAN has faith in promoting the human resource for the next generation to better the lives of all. We encourage young enterprisers by donating to Korean Youth Enterpriser Foundation annually, special lecturing, mentoring. Moreover, our CEO has been contributing in job creation for youth as the director of Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation, and by forerunning the chairman of the presidential committee on youth affairs, and the chairman of Korea Venture Business Association.

Love through Soccer

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DASAN interacts with under-privileged people through soccer. We support soccer trainings for children from developing countries and multicultural families together with KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency). Also, DASAN supports Yeoju University’s women soccer team to contribute in the Ichoen City where DASAN’s logistics center is located.