Smart Workplace

Smart and convenient office building

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DASAN Tower, established in Dec 2011 in Pangyo Techno Valley, is the first building of DASAN Group. It’s a building with ten stories above ground and five underground levels. DASAN provides employees a convenient and safe work environment from its mobile based smart office system. Our building has a cafe and a roof-top garden for employees by providing a comfortable resting place where they can communicate and relax.

Healthcare facility

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DASAN Tower Sports Center is at the 2nd basement level of the building fully equipped with new facilities. For the employees’ competitive and corporative mind, various facilities are available such as gym, screen golf, squash, basketball, badminton, table tennis, and sauna. Also, we have a wide grass playing field in our logistics center Janghowon. DASAN ensures that our employees enjoy pleasant and comfortable facilities for their healthcare.

Learning and Growing DASAN

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We believe that individual development is for company’s development. DASAN people strive for personal growth by constant learning and the company commits to provide diverse opportunities for employees’ self-development in the work place to support their growth.

Refreshment with co-workers

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DASAN supports the employees’ communication and intellectual vitalization through club activities. From dynamic sports activity clubs such as soccer, baseball, basketball, badminton, fencing, golf, and family oriented activities such as camping, hiking, to study club that learn foreign languages, DASAN provides diverse opportunities for individual development.