Environmentally Friendly Products

Corporate Policy to Preserve the Environment

DASAN believes that protecting the environment is an important part of corporate responsibility. To preserve the environment, DASAN conducts a self-evaluation to accurately assess the impact of its actions. Through such self-evaluations, DASAN is able to develop and produce environmentally friendly products, innovate its logistics process to help preserve and protect the environment.

Programs to Develop and Produce Environmentally Friendly Products

CDP(Carbon Disclosure Program)

CDP is a Carbon Disclosure Program organized and managed by a non-profit organization in England. This global project focuses on disclosing the carbon footprint of major companies around the world to preserve the environment for our future generations.

CDP helps manage greenhouse gas emission levels and electricity usage. By monitoring and managing greenhouse gases and electricity usage, DASAN is making its best effort into developing and manufacturing environmentally friendly products.

Greenhouse Gas Inventories(Emissions Accounting Way)

The Greenhouse Gas Inventories is a managing system used to assess – record – maintain – manage – and report the overall emission of greenhouse gases. By keeping a record, DASAN is able to establish a carbon emissions report, manage the direct and indirect carbon emissions occurring from each step of the product development, production, and logistics process.

Eco-Design Guideline

DASAN manages an Eco-Design guideline to save energy and to promote green development. Through this eco-design guideline, all products produced by DASAN have a high recyclability, resolvability, and low environmental impact.

DASAN Environment-Friendly Management

DASAN is adopting international environment-friendly management systems to become a more eco-friendly company.

국제환경시스템/ 친환경 제품 개발 및 생산

History & Plans

2005 Obtained Global Environment Management System Certification, ISO 14001
2006 Manufacturing Pb free products and Institute EU standard RoHS
2007 Institute Eco-Friendly Design Guideline
2008 Applied Pb free Environmental policy to New Product Development
2009 Development of Energy-Efficient product & Mass Production of IP-STB
Institute EU RoHS standard to every product
2010 Established & Applied Recycling Plans for EU WEEE Standard
2014~ Plan to build the system to address EU REACH/K-REACH & RoHSII standards

Conflict Minerals

DASAN, with its conflict minerals management policy, tries to take its role as an industry leader to fulfill its social responsibility. DASAN cooperates with its partners, customers, and affiliates to prohibit the use of such minerals. 

- Especially in order to eliminate the social problems occurred in conflicting regions in Africa (Congo and nearby states), DASAN tries not to include the minerals from those areas (3TG: tantalum, tin, tungsten, gold) through internal policy and procurement.